Welcome to the Crimson Forge, This is something of a multi functional website. First and foremost this is a showcase of the various and varied things that I do and make. Ranging from Jewellery through Metal work to the more ethereal arts of animation and audio drama. To keep things as uncluttered as possible just click the fittings on your left or the light rays below to navigate. For returning visitors, the news section below should keep you up to date on anything you may otherwise miss since your last visit. If you find anything that interests you and you wish to know more please don't hesitate to contact me.

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This site would not have been possible without the unique talents of:

Tania my web designer and coder. Words cannot express how patient Tania has been with me. Both initially when I commissioned this site and when I graphically overhauled it in 2007. Not many people will allow an jack of all trades like myself to mess with their graphics and code. Her "keep it simple and do it well" approch to design has helped me no end in my obsession with frizing. But please don't take my word for it follow this link and see for yourself;

Spyder An extremely talented photographer, who's skills cover an exceptionally wide range of subject matter. The good pictures on this site are down to him, the bad ones are down to me. He is available for hire at extremely reasonable rates;

09/02/07: The Times They Are A Changing

After a hell of a lot of faffing about and braking code I've finally gotten the "Steampunk" CrimsonForge website up and running. Not that there was anything much up with the old one but as an animator it would be nice if my site actually animated. The structure is pretty much the same although I will be looking to do more with the audio section in the near future. On a more general note there are additions to the links and metal work sections. So take a look around and see what you think of the view.

Click to see the old version

07/06/07: So much to do and so little time

Spring cleaning, time to get everything up to date before things really start getting hectic. Thank you for all your comments about the site, it took a while but by goodness it was worth it! So, what exactly have we been doing? Well there were some broken links that needed fixing. The audio section needed some major updating (as I've been acting and producing my little heart out of late) and one or two of the animations needed looking into. Still it's all fixed now. So yeah, take a spin by (it's the bottom button on the left cunningly labelled "AudioDrama") and see what you think.