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Borg Vs. Cyberman 
Darker Projects 2007
Runtime: 41 sec
Bit Mass: 1mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Script Writing
During a long and interesting discussion regarding the merits of differing sci-fi franchises a comical comparison sprang to mind comparing popular sci-fi with the current run of PC vs Mac adverts on television. It took about 5 minutes to write and it raised a laugh on the darker projects audio boards. I thought little more of it unto this little gem graced my e-mail inbox. The cunning buggers had only gone and produced it. I would like to thank all those wonderful people over at DP for wasting their very talented time turning a 5 minute throw away bit of writing into a stella poece of parody audio.

Produced by Darker Projects

007 Casino Royale 
Circus 13 2007
Runtime:Ep's 1-2 (on-going) (Fragment) 57 sec
Bit Mass: 14-36mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Acting (Hussier)
Appearing: Ep 2
Casino Royale finds Bond on a mission to neutralize a lethal, high-rolling Russian operative called simply 'Le Chiffre', who has lost 50 million Francs of his nation's money on a private venture, and unless he can recoup his losses, a SMERSH assassin lies in wait. James Bond 007 is sent to beat Le Chiffre at the casino and ensure Le Chiffre's death comes at the hands of his own people.

Produced by Circus 13

Produced/Scripted by Michael Dougherty and Justin J. Milliner.

Darker Projects 2007
Runtime:Ep's 1-6 (Complete) 24-38min
Bit Mass: 37-60mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Acting (Stuart Jeffries)
Appearing: Ep's 1-3
David Moody's vision of apocalyptic horror. In less than twenty-four hours a vicious and virulent disease destroys almost all of the population. Billions are killed. Thousands die every second. There are no symptoms and no warnings. Within moments of infection each victim suffers a violent and agonising death. Only a handful of survivors remain.

By the end of the first day those survivors wish they were dead. A small group of desperate people take shelter together in a village hall on the outskirts of a large city. Too afraid to venture out into the infected world, their shelter becomes a prison and the frightened group begins to splinter and crack under the emotional and physical pressure of the inexplicable situation. Terrified and trapped without electricity, water or supplies, the survivors exist from hour to hour. Then the disease strikes again. And all hell breaks loose.

Produced in association with Infected Books
Audio production, written, and directed by Paul Mannering.
Post production by Matt Mclaren.
Original music by Devin Anderson

Isotope Audio 2007 (Bournemouth 1995)
Runtime:Ep's 1-2 (ongoing) 02'25-02'35min
Bit Mass: 3-4mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: (1-2) Acting, Assistant Producer, Assistant Foley
File it Under F
  Various and varied acts of comedic madness. Violently lurching from the strange to the down right brain cookingly odd. This is a sketch series produced as part of the IsotopeAudio podcast. Current episodes are:

1) Francois Truffaut: A Detailed Retrospective
Written by Matthew Manning. Produced by Matthew Manning and Clym Angus

2) The Activational Activator Sketch
Written by Matthew Manning. Produced by Mathew Manning and Clym Angus
Guest Starring: Connor Omara, Dr Valerie Olson and Mark Bailey.

Isotope Audio 2007 (Bournemouth 1995)
Bit Mass: 35mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Digital Remastering
Double Extra Super Special Squad
The president of the United States has been kidnapped by Soviet forces. He has been replaced by a robotic counterfeit with astonishing powers of persuasion. Can anyone uncover and stop this dastardly plot? If anyone can it'll be the team who's name strikes fear into the hearts of international espionage agents and terrorists. The Double Extra Super Special Squad! Cast from Bournemouth Univercity 1995. Digitally remastered and released as part of the IsotopeAudio podcast.

Isotope Audio 2007 (Bournemouth 1995)
Bit Mass: 22mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Digital Remastering
Bernard Wong
Bernard Wong has trained in ancient warrior techniques for many years of his life, but as he's been purified physically and spiritually the world around him has poluted itself with violence and corruption. Sent by his master King Lin, the time has now come to go out and right those wrongs and purify the world, but is there more to his mission than meets the eye? Cast from Bournemouth Univercity 1995. Digitally remastered and released as part of the IsotopeAudio podcast.

Isotope Audio 2007 (Bournemouth 1995)
Bit Mass: 21mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Digital Remastering
Derek Stella Deep Space Bounty Hunter
In a far flung corner of the universe where the long arm of the law can't quite reach, CRIME riddles the planets of the solar system called "Porcupine 3". To combat this crime numerous bounty hunters catch scum there, but it's more business than law enforcement. Top dog amoung the bounty hunters, Derek Stella and his wrist watch computer Trish, another job another corpse..errrr pay packet. Written by Matthew Manning. Produced by Robert Di Falco and Mathew Manning. Cast from Bournemouth University 1995. Digitally remastered and released as part of the IsotopeAudio podcast.

Isotope Audio 2007 (Bournemouth 1995)
Bit Mass: 14mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Digital Remastering
The War Machine
It is the mid 1990's. The Gulf War has long gone up in smoke but the game's not over as far as Ishunti, a renegade general of the Iraq Republican Army is concerned. Hellbent on avenging Iraq's defeat in the war, he is now overseeing the final stages of a new giant chemical weapons "supergun" on a secret island fortress and this gun is aimed directly at the West! Only ONE man can stop him! One-man war machine Jack Killdeath is drafted in. His orders? Go in! Blow everything up! And kill everyone! Written and Produced by Matthew Manning. Cast from Bournemouth University 1995. Digitally remastered and released as part of the IsotopeAudio podcast.

CrimsonForge 2005 (Parody)
Bit Mass: 4.7mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Written, Produced & Acting(Stabbs)
Appearing: Throughout.
Web Of Stabbs
This production was mainly a practice piece after more than a 5 year lull, due to lack of access to adequate editing kit. Mr Stabbs was a character created by the script writer Trevor Preston for an episode of Ace of Wands (a 1970's UK TV programme) (more information about this series can be found here ). The character was later "recycled" for a childrens television series title Dramarama. The only surviving piece of footage of Dramarama currently resides at TV Ark under the Cult A-K section. So as a tribute to this small lost piece of childhood I've resurrected Mr Stabbs and Luko for one, last, fearful outing. Greatful thanks to Matt Alan for playing Luko.

Random Insanity 2005- (Parody)
Runtime: 4Ep's (on-going) (Fragment) 02'20
Bit Mass: 2.9mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Acting(Grimier)
Appearing: Ep.4 The Mines of Mankier
Bored Of The Ringss
Produced by Matt Growcott this is a parody production of the Lord Of The Rings. Links to the rest of the episodes can be found here:
Episode 1, Episode 3, Episode 4

Darker Projects 2006-
Runtime:Ep's 1-8 (ongoing) 40-60min
Bit Mass: 40-55mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Acting (Walker Von Karin,
Tempus Refugee 1)
Appearing: Ep3-6,8
The Falcon Banner
The Falcon Banner was written by Christopher Patrick Lydon and has been adapted as a Darker Project by Chris Snyder. It follows the some what accidental reawakening of the human spirit after years of alien oppression. The earth is enslaved, but in this 300 year long dark age, the chance of salvation can spring from the most unlikely sources.

Circus 13 Productions 2006-
Runtime:Ep 1 (ongoing) 35 min
Bit Mass: 64.2mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Acting (King Jenrik)
Appearing: Ep 1
The Passion Stone
A young man finds out one day that he is the third incarnation of a twice dead hero of a secret world called the Underhollow.  It exists alongside, and sometimes with, the "real" world. In his first incarnation as this hero, he created the Passion Stone.  In his second incarnation, he empowered it with magick.  And now in his third, he must use its power to fight off a rebellion of the evil King Jerick's attempts to overthrow the Holy Dragon-Queen Nedra. With his mentor/guide Varick Winter, a troll, he learns about his past lives, his present dilemma and his future destiny. Excert

Nazari Mizura 2003-
Runtime: Ep's 1-9 (ongoing) 8-20min
Bit Mass: 4mb to 8.2mb MP3
Involvment: Acting (Ferzin)
Appearing: Throughout
12 Candles
Dalia dreams..... Things which come to pass, for she is the Dream Seeker. Destined to search for the 12 Candles that protect the 12 gems of the world. Aided by the elemental guardians; Kaires (Earth), Talen (Fire), Amith (Water) & Linn (Air) she must collect the 12 gems or be forced into the destruction of the world.

No simple task however, for every guarded Candle when snuffed out leads to a lethal trial of wits and will. Dalia is the light that the guardians have to follow, but if there is light, then there must also be the dark...

So begins the quest for the 12 Candles, thrusting Dalia into a world where illusions are deadly weapons and close friends can quickly turn into treacherous foes..

Kathryn Peets 2005-
Runtime:3Ep's (on-going) 13-19min
Bit Mass: 13-18.5mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Acted (Obsidian, Cop)
Appearing: Ep 2-3
Genesis Avalon
This is an original production, Jaina Masterson is a common girl, a college sophomore at an out of the way university in Pennsylvania - a school for the arts. She strives to be an actress, and lives her life away from her mother - whom she has not been able to get along with since middle school. One day, her life changes, as she is confronted by a black panther near her dormitory one night. When the panther leaves, a small silver medallion is left behind, and when Jaina picks it up, it takes her on a journey she could never have expected. Genesis Avalon is the exclusive copyright of Kathryn Peets 2005

Monty Dog Productions 1996
Runtime: 02'59
Bit Mass: 2mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Written, Produced, Acted
The dogs first outing. Looking for backwards messages in throw away pop songs and finding some very scary lyrics. Although this utilises some copyrighted material, this is a parody lampooning the pointless practice of looking for Satanic messages in music. If you listen hard enough and tell enough people what it is they should be hearing then chances are they'll fill in the blanks themselves. Mores the pity.

Monty Dog Productions 2003
Runtime: 04'26
Bit Mass: 3.0mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Written, Produced, SFX
Appearing: Throughout
12 Candles
Created as the second spat of a comedy group that is well due another outing. This "piece" was created in response to a competition created by BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting house to find an audio art exibit. The brief was: Something that you would hear between 9 and 9.30am on a Sunday Morning. So that's exactly what we gave them and for their sins they broadcast it on the 21st of December 2003. Did the BBC get complains? By hell did they ever. I'll let the audio do the rest of the explaining Firstly we have the original submission followed by the "to air" mix broadcast on the day. Special thanks go to my co conspiritors Adam Mclocklan and Fiona Anderson without whom this production would not have been possible.

Bournemouth Univercity 1996
Runtime: 04'26
Bit Mass: 3.0mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Written, Produced, Acting (Dr Segeson)
Appearing: Throughout
What to say about this project? This was the last univercity production before a long drought in my audio career, don't get me wrong loved Bournemouth, hated leaving. At this point (late in the third year) one of the head lecturers had seen fit to ban me from using the audio kit. So we responded with an audio play that blew the socks off all the deadicated audio students final projects. This is a trailer for Stainless Steel, the story of a man coming to terms with change, in the strangest forms. After 10 years this production is currently undergoing some serious digital clean up, I'm hoping to have this originally scored and out by some time next year. Mainly as a tribute to those whom spent their evenings (and nights) helping get this thing ship shape in the first place. To Ross, Kev, Sunil and of course Rachel Moss. It's been too long, We should do this again sometime.

Midnight Lilly Productions 2004-
Runtime:13Ep's (on-going) 4-20min
Bit Mass: 1-20mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Acted (Male Narrator)
Appearing: Ep 6-13
This is a fan adaptation of the cartoon Sabrina On-line created (and still being inked by Eric W. Schwartz.) Now although the subject matter may not be to everyones taste, this production has been a great deal of fun to do and generally be involoved in. Actors do need to stretch the bounds of reality sometimes, it's extremely good excersise.

Crimsonforge 2006
Bit Mass: 0.9mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment:Produced, Acted
This is more of an experiment than a finished piece. Although it lacks the polish of sound effects and ambiance, the main point of this production was to see how far I could stretch the voice modulation software I had recently obtained. I will be carrying out further experiments with some nifty free vocoding software but that's another post. Taken from one of the comic book strips of Sabrina On-line created (and still being inked by Eric W. Schwartz.) This episode highlights a discussion between a group of small robot toys debating the merits of revealing their sentient status to they're human owner. All characters are voiced by me with varying types of modulation.

Frog 2002
Runtime: 1Ep (Fragment)) 02'20
Bit Mass: 0.8mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Acting (Jailer)
Appearing: First 2 minutes
12 Candles
One of the first parts I snagged after my few years out of production was as a bit part Jailer in City Nocturne. Not a bad production and a great way to get back into voice acting. Unfortunately like so many things on the internet it along with the producer disappeared without trace. I do have this fragment of my work in the first episode however.

Bournemouth Univercity 1995
Runtime: 1Ep 03'56
Bit Mass: 5.3mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Digital Remastering
Interview with a killer
A fairly old production, produced whilst at Bournemouth University in 1995. WARNING This clip contains strong language and deals with issues of violence of a graphic nature. As such, it's generally only suitable for an adult audience. Produced by Ross Boyask.

Bournemouth Univercity 1995
Runtime: 1Ep 06'37
Bit Mass: 9mb 92kbps MP3
Involvment: Digital Remastering
The Other Dimension
Another old production, produced whilst at Bournemouth University in 1995. WARNING This clip contains strong language and deals with issues of violence of a graphic nature. As such, it's generally only suitable for an adult audience. Produced by Kevin Akehurst.